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Online Payments and Transactions
Use of the Internet is in a state of transition as more organizations look to move their web presence from the display of information to interacting with clients.

However, there are limited low cost solutions that provide the flexibility and ease of use needed to encourage full expansion of the web as a distribution center for business.

Consequently, even organizations that accept some online payments or transactions have difficulty accepting very many. Many types of transactions still require initiation via telephone, mail or an in-person visit.

Antaeus' Transaction Utility (ATU) is designed to fill this hole.
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ATU simplifies the creation, acceptance and processing of multiple types of online payments and transactions. Each transaction type can function independently and is fully customizable with its own URL, look and feel, required fields of information, valid payment methods and communications. If desired, multiple types of transactions can be tied together.

Accepting even complex transactions becomes quick and easy. Think if it as the Microsoft Excel for online payment transaction acceptance and processing. And it is affordable.

Antaeus will work with other systems and even provides a breakdown by transaction type to simply posting to your accounting system.

It is perfect for municipalities and other organizations that have a large number of types of transactions, involve multiple departments, or have the need to change their transactions frequently

We guarantee superiority of product. Contact us for a free consulting review and demonstration of what Antaeus can do for your organization.
Online Payment Alternatives
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Once you have a desire to transact business on your web site, the next step is to find a solution that will help you get there.

In today's market, solutions tend to fall in three categories:
Packaged Systems.Packaged systems are those designed to meet a narrow need. They tend to be inexpensive, but also lack flexibilty. You tend to be limited in how your page will look, how it will function and the types of transactions you can handle.
Specialized Processors.Specialized processors tend to be large systems designed around an industry. Airline reservation systems are an example of a specialized processor. The company does not retain any ability to modify the page, but subscribes for the distribution channel offered by the processor.

As with Packaged Systems, the types of transactions that Specialized Processors can handle are narrowly defined.
Customized Programming.The most flexible alternative of the three is customized programming. Here, your system can be designed to fully meet your needs and match any look that your company wants.

However, this type of flexibility comes with a heavy cost. Not only is the programming expensive (even if done internally), but you become forever dependent on expensive programmers any time you wish to change the transactions on your web page.
Antaeus provides you a FOURTH solution. One that offers the ease of use and relatively low expense of a packaged sytem together with most of the flexibility you get from customized programming.
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ATU is perfect for organizations that have multiple types of transactions they could be doing on the Internet, and for organizations that change their applications frequently (event registrations, surveys, fund drives . . )
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